iShuttr Case Turns the iPhone 4 into a Compact Camera

The iPhone 4 has become the primary camera for many of its owners, but it lacks many of the useful features found on actual compact cameras. iShuttr is a hard case that makes your iPhone operate more like a compact camera by adding a grip, a shutter button, zoom buttons, a larger flash, an external battery pack, and a tripod mount. The people behind the case are currently raising money for the project through Kickstarter: a $50 contribution will pre-order an iShuttr, which is set to retail for $70 when it’s actually released.

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  • SLJonesDigital

    iShuttr to think what Jobs will say.

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  • Adam Solomon

     Wouldn’t it be great if they had a case with a tripod attachment to affix the iphone to the bottom of your dSLR?  Then you’d have one heck of a camera phone.

  • George2112

    i really want one of this but dont like to cover the led of the phone since it is also usefull