1923 Leica Sells for $1.9 Million, Becomes World’s Most Expensive Camera

A Leica 0-series camera made in 1923 was sold this past weekend at WestLicht Photographica Auctions for a staggering €1.32 million (~$1.89 million). Only about 25 0-series cameras were manufactured to test the market before Leica began commercially producing the Leica A. It’s the most expensive camera ever sold, but is still only half the price of the most expensive photo that was auctioned earlier this month.

Here’s a video showing the actual auction (it lasted about 20 minutes):

(via The Online Photographer)

  • Michael

    How many megapixels is it?  ;-)

  • srinivasan sankar

    @ above

    O yeah! we live in a world where people are fooled by megapixels! 

    Nice sarcasm :-) 

  • Rares Cristian Filip Chirita

    Clearly it has more than the Hasselblads. I mean, I saw a 60Gigapixel photo some days ago. It was made by this gizmo, right, right? Do these Leica dudes have an app with megapixels too?

  • Rerererere

    funny comments

  • vdhamer

    In the auction, the camera was sold for 1.1 Million euro.

  • j u s t i n

    what is so special about this camera?

  • Michael Zhang

    The buyer has to pay an additional premium to the auction house, so the final price includes the premium too

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  • Doug Barry-Martin

    As far as a camera goes it would be pretty average (probably poor – if you could even get film for it) by todays standards. It is like buying the first car that Ferrari or Mercedes ever made. The price is for the history. Leica went on to become one of the premium brands in photography

  • Ant

    Regardless of image “quality” and “ease of use” you’ll have to pry my Leica II from my cold dead hands to get it away from me. I guess it’s partially the same reason I use Minolta lenses on my Sony, that new technology can be expensive but feel cheap (btw what happened to depth of field scales on the newer lenses coming out now?), and there is that feel to be had from using a piece of art to create art that can inspire you even further. Even though I do shoot a lot with digital, I will never trade in my rolls of film completely for megapixels!

  • Ant

    however I’d sell my soul for some of these to be real!!!                                

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  • buster

    wow , 1.9 million  you would think you could spend your cash on something other then a closet camera,  

  • lila brock

    i wish i could have it…

  • Bob

    It’s a prototype of the FIRST 35mm camera ever made. The Leica based upon this camera was introduced in 1925 and revolutionized photography for the next 75 years. It was the first camera to use 35mm cinema film which subsequently became the standard film format. You can read more at