Make Your Wall Magnetic for an Awesome Way to Show Off Photos

Did you know that you can turn any wall magnetic by painting it with magnetic primer? Communications company M Booth did this with one of its walls, then sent out employees onto the streets of NYC with Fujifilm Instax cameras. The result is this impressive wall displaying 800 instant photos!

Four coats of the primer were used to get the magnets to stick firmly. Coat a wall in your house and you’ll instantly have a wall that you can decorate and use like a fridge door!

(via Make)

Image credit: Photographs by Matt Richardson

  • Angelos

    That’s a big magnet. Will this cause interference for electronic devices?

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    After reading the description of the primer, I don’t think the wall itself *is* a magnet, I think attracts magnets. ┬áThat being said, it’s got to have some metal in it and would probably interfere with signals similarly to lead based paint.

  • Tim

    uhhhhhhhhh….all of those photos are held to the wall with tacks. Am I missing something here??

  • Tim

    nevermind. looking closer I see they’re tiny round magnets. cool.

  • Joe

    I did some stripes of these and it didn’t work great, although I did paint over it with regular paint. The paint is very expensive, especially at four coats. It just didn’t really work. I’m still trying to find a better solution.

  • Sonnet Schulz

    my pacemaker started flippin when I got close… :)

  • Rsenshirood

    You can also put stripes of metal on your wall. A system like these: Again they call it magnetic board, but this is only metal. Magnets will stick on it.

  • Nrgdubai

    I have a better solution

  • Nrgdubai

    stik-me magnetics in