Time Lapse of a German Shepard from Puppy to Adult

There’s plenty of time lapse projects documenting the passage of time and the process of aging with human portraits, but how about with animals? This video going viral on the Interwebs right now was creating by making a photo a day of Dunder, a German Shepherd, and shows him growing from an 8 week old puppy to a 1 year old adult. If you have a pet, this concept could be a fun project for getting it involved in your photography!

  • Info

     good, but also an example of how not to clean a floor!

  • Calgary Wedding Photographer

     There’s a point at which the ears go from floppy to upright. That’s when the puppy really starts to look like its growing up. Really cool.

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  • 1234

    Um, it’s concrete. Outside. Who cleans concrete?

  • Eric Lauri Kulo

    Really, really, shame about the angle of view. It ruins the whole idea which is otherwise great and I love german shephards.

  • Anonymous

    Pěkný vdeo,srandičky to je naše duševní potrava_!