Panasonic Announces the Lumix G3 with Touchscreen Focusing

Panasonic has announced its latest Micro Four Thirds camera, the Lumix DMC-G3, the world’s smallest and lightest system camera with a viewfinder. It’s a slim 16-megapixel camera (up from 12) that does 1080p HD view recording and does 4fps continuous still shooting (or a whopping 20fps when you drop down to 4MP). On the back you’ll find a large 3-inch touchscreen LCD that features touch focusing, allowing you to press any area on the screen to focus on particular locations. It’ll hit shelves in June 2011 with a 14-42mm for $700.

  • Jjknine

    So what. Why would anyone buy a 4/3rds camera when you can get an aps c sensor camera with oodles more lens options? Why spend 700 bucks for an ALMOST pro sensor?

  • James Poyner

    I’m too lazy to bother with sweeping uninformed rants like yours.  Just go to luminous-landscape and let Michael tell you why 

  • Jjknine

    How is talking about one single feature “sweeping”? If you think buying one of these is a good idea then you should have said why investing in a smaller sensor is better then investing in a larger sensor.

    MY comment is the result of reading reviews, examining image samples, vieweing these cameras in shops and making inquieries at fine art photography gallaries. Artists who show in gallaries I have been to in manhattan do not use 4/3rds sensors. They use cameras with aps c or higher.

    Their smaller size in an illusion. With lenses on they are not significantly less bulky than dslrs. Unless you spend a hell of a lot of money on multiple lenses they do not have the zoom versatility of good consumer level superzooms. Their sensors, while larger then those in excelent pro am cameras like the Canon G12, are still not as large as sensors in similarly sized cameras and image comparisons I’ve seen on steves digicams and dp review show that difference.

    If people want to take photography more seriously they should either find ways to make the most of their pro/am cameras or spend the money on an entry level dslr rather then spend that money going a very expensive half way.

    Panasonic is an excellent electronics company and I have no doubt these cameras are made extremely well. Should they start to use aps c sensors AND have enough affordable lenses then I might think about investing in one.

    Sorry to be so sweeping and uninformed.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Im not a big fan of these style camera. For me there are two types of cameras, those that fit in my pocket and those that don’t. If it’s doesn’t fit in my pocket (such as the G3) than I might as well take my full sized DSLR and benefit from more lens options, larger sensor etc. 

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