Giving Away Pogoplugs for Accessing Your Photos from Anywhere

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winners were randomly selected and announced below.

This week we’re having a giveaway for a lesser known but pretty nifty product: the Pogoplug Video. It’s a device that hooks up your external hard drives to the Internet to create a “personal cloud”, allowing you to access your photographs and files from anywhere. We’re giving away three (3) of them, with each one worth $199.

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is:

Tell us the ISO number you use the most

There are two ways to enter, and doing both methods will give you 2 entries in the contest, and thus double the chance the win!

  1. Leave your response as a comment on this post
  2. Tweet your response, and include the following link to this post anywhere in the tweet:

    As long as the link appears in the tweet, you’ll be automatically entered in the contest.

This contest is only available to people in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

This contest will end Sunday, May 15th, 2011. We’ll randomly pick the three winners using and update this post. Good luck!

Update: This giveaway is now over. We received 532 comment entries and 201 Tweet entries for 733 entries overall. The randomly selected winners are…

#483: Kevin Abrams

iso 200 most of the time

#60: ChelseaSektnan

I like to get my 400 on, unless I’m feeling a little dark, 3200 lights up my shots!

#443: Zack

Almost always 100, never about 400

Please email [email protected] to claim your prize (we’re contacting you as well).

Thanks to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!

A big thanks to Pogoplug for providing the prizes for this giveaway!

  • Frank Syse

    ISO 100!

  • Daniel Segal

    ISO 100 is my favorite, but I try to keep it below 1250 at most.

  • Avi

    ISO 100 is the coolest and I use it the most often. 

  • Kosovars

    This would be a great help to my photo business!

  • Malik

    ISO 200

  • Jenlapuz

    iso 100

  • Jon M

     ISO 800 most of the time (I prefer to use lower when possible though)

  • Photoguy2001

    ISO 100 outside, seems like 400 inside.

  • Boudhanotdead

     6 ASA, would you believe it?

  • Cathie Heart

     ISO 200 is the beees kneees for me!

  • Superha

    ISO 200 is my go to ISO.  Thank you for the chance to win this cool device!  :)

  • Bill Kwok

     ISO 400

  • Brian Hochmuth

     I use ISO 100 whenever I can.

  • Mohammed Al-Ibrahim

     I use ISO 200 the most!

  • Lataylor2


  • Anonymous

    ISO 200

  • Gvcymru


  • Pacogp

    I usually stick to ISO 50. I don’t know why newer cameras start at ISO 80 or 100…  50 is great!

  • Rober.

     Keeping it low: 100. Aaah, the good old days of ASA 400 with film cameras :)

  • Grzegorz Bobrowski

     ISO 100 :)

  • Grzegorz Bobrowski

     ISO 100 :)

  • Leonardo


  • Fran Purdy

    Mainly ISO 400 – until recently I’ve been a bit wary of going higher, but now I’ll happily go to 800 without a wibble.

  • Joe Beland

    ISO 200

  • Swansonsk

     I usually shoot at ISO 400.

  • Morgan G.

    I mainly shoot in ISO 100. 

  • Fejér Bálint

     iso1600 on a 30D. raw :)

  • Grayson Hary

     Iso 800

  • Grayson Hary

     Iso 800

  • Cliff

    I shoot 200. It makes things pretty spiffy.

  • Jeff_Aitken

    I shoot @ ISO 200 most of the time.

  • Chris

    I use ISO 100 the most.

  • Thomas

     ISO 400 on a D300

  • Paul

    ISO 640

  • Abhishek Gupta

     ISO 400

  • Javier ☯ Evertsz

     Id be happy with this!

  • Javier ☯ Evertsz

     Id be happy with this!

  • Aaron Stidwell

     3200 for film and 400 for digital.

  • Bryan


  • TheGrecoShow

    Iso 800

  • David1943

     iso 200 mostly

  • Joshuaburns

     ISO 800 it is on the super awesome 7d :) boom!

  • Rurik Karl Bjornsson

    Usually ISO 200 (lowest native ISO on my Nikon)

  • Guest

    ISO 200 =)

  • eduardo


  • Martin

    ISO 200 by default. Slower when I can sensibly, faster when I have to.

  • DanClarkePro

     Congrats to winners :)

  • Muzafferb