Nikon D7000 with Custom Paint Jobs

Cars can have pretty creative paint jobs, but it seems like the best anyone can do with a DSLR is do a messy DIY repainting or buy a Pentax with ridiculous or nasty-looking designs. Sherwin Sibala came up with these unique design concepts showing what a DSLR (specifically a Nikon D7000) might look like if people chose to personalize the body.

If DSLR body painting was offered as a service, do you think it would be popular among photo-enthusiasts?

Image credits: Images by Sherwin Sibala and used with permission

  • Trudy

    Um. It is cool but maybe if it was like a thin sheath casing that could be removed. Sometimes it might be fun to have but others it makes you too noticeable and draws way too much attention.

  • Paul Thompson

    Interesting concept, however I think most (wise) photographers want their to gear to be somewhat bland so as to not draw attention from potential thieves.

  • Bergur

    I personally think this is great. With this you could tell serious photographers and just show-offs apart without looking at their pictures or technique.

  • Trebolab


  • Anonymous

    I’m sure enthusiast would like it. Though a pro could corner themselves into a corner since a blinged out camera might be okay for one environment, but not appropriate for another.

    That being said, now I want to do a stencil on the battery grip of my logo.

  • Hburger

    Love the fire one ;)

  • dlemckert

    I don’t think it’ll be very popular among photographers. Not only
    because of potential thieves I’d like my camera a bit bland, it also
    draws less attention of the surrounding public. That way I get the
    chance to take pictures with people in their natural state and not
    staring in the lens like some deer on a dark road.
    On the other hand: I can imagine a lot of snobs and ‘hip youngsters’ in my neighborhood who’d want a custom camera IF they want to spend the money on it. They have these blingbling blackberries already…

  • Anonymous

    I like the flames. That’s go over great when shooting local bands. When doing weddings…. not so much.

  • Guillew

    Like crap…

  • Warren

    Some may like it…perhaps the same people would paint a BMW hot pink with oversized wheels and tires…taudry

  • Warren

    Some may like it…perhaps the same people would paint a BMW hot pink with oversized wheels and tires…taudry

  • CB

    Exactly. Anyone with the above paint jobs could be easily recognized as showoffs rather than professionals who would be focusing on taking great and natural photos rather than saying, hey look at me.

  • johann

    with a k-x or k-r, maybe, not the d7000. nikon is too regal for such stunts.

  • bob cooley

    in a word… ‘ick’

  • Emanuel Brunson

    The images appear to just be photoshopped ideas and not actual paint jobs.

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  • Creative Eyedias

    I think they are fun!  Why not make the thing you love and carry with you all the time be a reflection of your personality?  As for shooting, once the subject sees the camera the first time, they won’t care if it has flames later.  BUT I do agree maybe a removable skin instead of a permanent paint job.  Just like a car, you might trade it in some day :).

  • vonlukester

    I love the idea of lowering the perceived value of my camera to deter theft. I currently have my d700 wrapped in duct tape but something like this would work too.

  • Jack

    I would go for something bore natural looking, so the camera would draw less attention than being black. Maybe something like matte gray or even completely white

  • Dave La-whozaher

    Pentax thinks it’s a good idea.

  • Meg

    I would love this. In fact I was brought to this article as I am attempting to figure out what pain to use to paint my DSLR myself.

  • Odd Ana Reneé

    I agree. Why not?! If anything a thief will get caught quicker, if they even attempt to take such a unique and expensive piece of equipment. Talk about larceny in some states. I think it doesn’t have to look how everyone else’s does… Idk if its because these comments were made 3 years ago or if people still have that “no tattoos in the work place” syndrome. Let your craft speak for itself. Your work is judged. Not the aesthetics of your investment and certainly not the color of your camera because i’ve seen many poor camera strap choices. I mean, of course, as a pro I’m not going to a wedding with a loud camera color/design… but if i did, I bet the work would be still just as good. I wouldn’t care what color the camera was at my own wedding, although i do understand the onset of slight distractions. Personally i would do a complimentary re-paint. Something solid. Maybe a dark hue rather than say, neon.
    I do suggest that people have theses very bland, or still individuals in mind when you chose to paint. oh, and the devaluing of your camera if you ever wish to upgrade. Keep that “unique” in the back of your mind. You want the obviously DOPE, OPEN-MINDED, new buyer to feel like they are getting a highlighted tool that creates art with art. Change, difference, they scare people so expect judgement. Then show your work. Its 2014.