Impossible Launches New Color Instant Film for Polaroid Lovers

If you’re the proud owner of a Polaroid 600 camera (and have deep pockets), this news will be music to your ears: Impossible has launched its new PX 680 Color Shade First Flush line of color instant film to replace the popular Polaroid 600 color film that was discontinued back in 2008. In addition to Polaroid 600 cameras, the film is also compatible with SX-70 models as long as you use a neutral density filter. It seems like Impossible is getting better and better at resurrecting Polaroid films — these new sample photos look much better than the shots we saw last year of its PX100 film. Each pack contains eight shots and costs $22 from the Impossible shop.

Image credits: Photographs by Brandon Long and Patrick F. Tobin

  • Jerod Killick

    This is very exciting. The product is wonderful, and I love the SX-70 films especially. I hope the company takes off so prices can come down. But every shot is worth it no doubt!

  • Buffantoo

    All silver based photography will come back after a while.
    with the jungles of constant upgrades, expensive automat outprint stores, that prints out on automatic mode all the trush too, is worth to wait 1-2days to get your film developed for much less.