Fujifilm FinePix X100 Popping in and out of Stock, Drawing Solid Reviews

If Fujifilm has been waiting to see whether the retro-tastic FinePix X100 would sell well before working on an interchangeable lens followup, they’d better start calling the engineers into the office. The camera is finally starting to become available in the US, but every time a handful of the cameras appear on Amazon, photography blogs alert their readers and the inventory is sold out within minutes. Reviewers are also heaping their praises on the camera — here’s what Steve Huff has to say about it:

The Fujifilm X100 ROCKS and it ROCKS HARD. No, it is NOT perfect but neither is the Leica X1, or NEX-5, or E-P2, or Ricoh. What the X100 has is a combination of looks, size, performance and technology all wrapped up into one classic and sexy well built design. $1200? It’s priced right folks. To be honest, this could be my only camera and I would be happy. It’s light enough to take anywhere, it’s a joy to use, and once you get used to how it operates and exposes, the results are up there with the best of the APS-C cameras. [#]

Look at the bright side: the price of the $1,200 camera has dropped on eBay from $2,000-$3,000 used to $1,600 new with Buy it Now!

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

Image credit: Fire by Ferdi’s – World

  • Trudy

    I feel the spirit of Leica here. Beautiful camera. I have had 4 Fuji cameras that I’ve liked very much (in addition to pro stuff from other manufacturers). I have to check this thing out. Good post.

  • Maxdronov

    pay less for leica look

  • Holybasil

    If I’m lucky I’m getting mine on friday.

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  • DoM

    Same here – good luck to both of us!

  • DoM

    Same here – good luck to both of us!

  • bri

    I love the look of the camera.. but $1200!? Despite what the article says, I do not think it’s priced right for what it is.

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  • Patrick La Roque

    I’ve had it for almost a month now. It has its flaws but man… what a great camera.