These Ceramic Cameras are Like Munnys for Photo Enthusiasts

twine sells these neat ceramic cameras that remind me of the popular Munny toy that kids can decorate. Rather than giving one of these to a photography-lovin’ friend as is, you could customize it yourself for a unique camera-related gift. The instamatic and folding Polaroid cameras are available for $34 each, while the Land camera doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

Ceramic Cameras (via swissmiss)

Update: Commenter Tomas ruskin points out that if the “instamatic” is the one shown in the photo, then it’s actually an Argus C3.

  • Tomas ruskin

    Err…Isn’t the “Instamatic” actually an Argus C3?

  • Michael Zhang

    Good catch :) The dropdown menu on the purchase page says “Instamatic”, so we’re not actually sure if it’s just a camera not shown in the picture of if they misnamed it. It’s likely the latter…

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