Soaking Film in Alcohol Gives Photos a Strange Look

Here’s something to try if you feel like shooting some abstract analog photos: drop your film in some rubbing alcohol and let it soak for about ten minutes before shooting with it. Just be sure to let it dry out first lest you want to sanitize the inside of your camera. The resulting photographs should have a blue, green, and purple tint, along with tiny brown dots in random places. These photos were shot by Flickr user Casey Holford using soaked Kodak Ultramax film.

For added abstractness, try doing multiple exposure photographs with the warped film:

Do you know of anything else you can soak film in for different effects?

(via Lomography)

Image credit: Photographs by chachlate

  • tineaux


  • Avaviel

    Can you soak normal rolls of film?

  • Gabriel Serna

    light :P

  • anonymous

    Soaking the photographer in alcohol has a similar effect……

  • Hellziggy

    As the person at the photolab who would have to drain the machine, clean the racks, and mix the new chemistry if the chemicals got messed up, I’m just curious if you know how this would affect the C-41 chemistry?

  • Anonymous

    gasoline, nutella, yak tears, gulf oil/water, urine, febreeze. Thats about it near me.

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  • Unicorn

    Just what I wanted, strange looking photos. Is this what is being fobbed off as art these days?