Documentary Footage Shows Workings of the First Leica Factory

Here’s a short documentary film directed by Oskar Barnack (father of 35mm photography and inventor of the Leica camera) showing the workings of the factory where the first Leica cameras were made. The film includes footage showing the assembly of the Leica 1, produced between 1925 and 1932.

(via Leica Rumors)

P.S. Did you know Leica stands for Leitz camera, named after the founder Ernst Leitz?

  • Nikhil Ramkarran

    What strikes me most clearly about this video is how far workers’ safety has come. Good grief, can you imagine working in those dark factories with exposed machinery running just inches from your hands and head? Fascinating video.


    Those factories were safe in their standards.

    In future, Someone would say the same why if they watch a video of Foxconn or Toyota factory.

    Techology changes and Ours Safety standard changes too.