How Nikon (And Other Big Companies) Responds to Design Suggestions

On Nikon’s question and answer Facebook app, a guy named Andrew Yu offered the idea of replacing the shutter button with two touch sensors and received the above response from Nikon. It’s an interesting look at how Nikon, camera manufacturers, and big corporations in general usually respond to ideas and suggestions from the general public.

Commenter Mike S offered the following explanation over on Nikon Rumors:

This is a standard response in many realms. My friends in television have a similar reply to anyone that approaches them with a show idea — they won’t let the person discuss the idea with them as it can become a can of worms if at a later date something with a similar (even vaguely) concept is developed.

Product-wise, big corporations won’t discuss an idea until a patent is filed, to protect both parties. Sadly, filing for a patent is such an expensive and time consuming ordeal, it makes this almost impossible for a casual consumer who has a great idea. [#]

Looks like your brilliant design idea will have a hard time making it onto a Nikon camera and into the hands of consumers…

no shutter button? (via Nikon Rumors)

  • Holybasil

    That is… a horrible idea.
    Cudos to Nikon for not calling him an idiot.

  • Todd R Murphy

    i contacted nikon with my idea and got a similar response….but they did use my idea and i had to sign my rights away when i gave them my idea…link to the album with original emails from nikon….from use of my scene selection idea. I have 5 pages and have included two below!
    These are copies of the original emails sent to Nikon suggesting new programs for cameras. They took up the idea using it on all their compact digital cameras (coolpix range) It wasn’t long after this other companies picked it up and used it on their consumer models.
    So this idea came from me when on the lake Menindee foreshore taking photos one evening, and is used now on millions and millions of cameras and mobile phone cameras world wide!!!!

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  • Tim Burton

    What a shit idea! what happens if you decide the picture isnt right, or you have reframed and want to AF again. Each time you lift off it’d take a picture.

    Anyway, hats off to Nikon for having a longer fuse than me.

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    I think it’s great that Nikon interacts with us “little people”, but that really is a pretty bad idea. Call me old fashioned, but I like being able to feel a click.

  • Josiah Einwechter

    It is interesting to see how they operate, however, I can’t see how this was a good idea.

  • James

    Release two fingers to take photo. Release one finger to reframe and AF again. Some of the comments here are worse than the Nikon staff’s reply. This release system is really an innovative idea. If you cant understand the usefulness of this idea, please dont comment about Nikon and other big corporates. Because you are also on their side. :)

  • Zak Henry

    I wouldn’t want to have to move my finger up to fire off a shot – my reactions just don’t work like that. For something where reactions are important, always make the motion go with the dominant direction of strength.

  • Mercenent

    Why don’t you make your own? and share your experiences