New Plug-in to Bring Layers to Lightroom and Aperture

Perfect Layers is a new plug-in by OnOne Software that brings layers functionality (e.g. image layers, blend modes, layer masks, etc…) to Lightroom and Aperture. The program is currently in Public Beta right now available as a 30-day free trial, meaning you can download and try and a free preview version for Lightroom.

Perfect Layers (via Scott Kelby)

Update: Wow, that was fast. Looks like the program isn’t in Public Beta anymore. Instead, you can try it for 30 days or pay $500 for the full suite of programs/plugins.

  • bri

    this is a feature I always thought lightroom was missing. I wish Adobe would just add it though instead of a third party plugin

  • Dana Weise

    Not sure I’m really happy about this. Lightroom is Lightroom and Photoshop is Photoshop.

    Sure it’s an add on, but honestly- Photoshop became so very bloated because of added stuff. I’d rather not see that happen to LR. If I want layers I’ll go to photoshop.

    However I do know of people who would like this, and I do give them all due respects, I’m just not one of them.

  • Davie

    how about a plugin to bring lightroom to photoshop, DER

  • Bayhopper

    I have to agree with Dana. What’s the difference if I click Ctrl-E to edit in Photoshop or Ctrl-(something) to edit in Perfect Layers? I have a great LR3 workflow which allows me to process many pics in very short order. Let’s not bloat LR out of being a useful app.

  • Anonymous

    Using layers in bibble for a while now, very useful.

  • Emily

    It’s not beta anymore? Free for a month then $499.95 after that?

  • Dj hardcore

    I did try it. It a good program for a lazy amateur who wants to create some quick HDR or SEQUENCE shots. The same thing can be attained with much higher quality (and save that 500$ for something else) by using a little more time on Photoshop.

  • Numizmat Jazzbalayev

    I don’t get this plug-in useful. For these features this plug-in has to be for free.

  • Dan Rockstreet

    It’s a separate program, it’s not a plug-in for Lightroom. If you have PS, you don’t need Perfect Layers.

  • Paul Voth

    Well, Photoshop costs a thousand bucks, so it is a lot cheaper to buy this.