LensCapTrap Helps the Absent Minded Keep Track of Lens Caps

If you’re the kind of person that constantly misplaces your lens caps after removing them to shoot (Psst! You can ditch them in favor of UV filters), the LensCapTrap can help you hold on to them. It’s an uber simple kit that allows you to attach your lens caps to your camera strap using Velcro, avoiding the annoyance of having your caps dangle like they do with the popular string-style holder. The standard kit costs $6 and provides Velcro patches for two lens caps, though creating your own do-it-yourself version shouldn’t be too difficult either.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    That is so I easy I might just DIY it hehe

  • Chung Dha Lam

    That is so I easy I might just DIY it hehe

  • Party Bus DC

    Innovative! But I think it will drop off eventually!

  • chuck

    I use lens caps to keep dust and grime off my front element when not in use. Just using UV filters wouldn’t help me.

  • Jthmeffy

    Agreed. Also, if something accidentally brushes up against the end of the lens as you go about your business in your camera bag, a lens cap will stop you having to replace your expensive ($30+ for a decent multi-coated) filter. Filters aren’t exactly disposable.

    And am I the only person that immediately and unconsciously just shoves the damn thing in my pocket?

  • Santa Galimgereyeva


  • Darryl

    At £50+ for B+W MRC UV, I think I’ll stick with using both, rather than ditch.

  • Bdougher


  • Anonymous

    Some inexpensive lens caps include a loop and string. I think velcro and similar has a higher risk of falling off.

  • Damien

    I don’t grok the thing for stashing lenses in your bad without a cap. It doesn’t add any time to pop-off protective caps. With practise, it’s all one smooth motion to remove the caps and fit the lens to the camera body (and vice-versa).
    Folks, lens-caps perform a useful purpose — especially if (like me) you’re clumsy when you’re in a hurry to catch a shot before the moment passes.
    And, no matter how much I tell myself “Don’t touch the glass! Don’t touch the glass!”, if I bag/de-bag a lens without a cap, that mantra seems to only increase the likelihood of shooting through a smeared thumb-print. It’s just as messy and nearly as much a pain to clean-off if it’s on the filter.

  • Avaviel

    The UV filter adds glare.

    Really, the UV filter thing is a marketing ploy. It USED to be needed, for film. Not any more.


  • Emily

    One thing that annoys me about my favourite camera bag is the velcro. It pulls threads in delicate clothing (I’m amateur). So if I’m taking photos at a friends a wedding or something, it’s cheaper to replace a lens cap than a dress.

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  • naybee

    Or y’know… wear pants, they have pockets. duh.

  • Emily

    Awesome insight, thanks.

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