Find Out How Well You See Color with X-Rite’s Color IQ Test

Did you know that 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some kind of color vision deficiency? X-Rite has an interesting online “Color IQ” test that helps you find out how well your eyes see colors. You’re given four strips with color chip squares, and are tasked with arranging them in order by hue, starting from the fixed chip on the left side and ending with the fixed one on the right. It’s an online version of the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue test, which has been used by the government and in industry for more than 40 years to test color vision aptitude. If you finish the test, leave a comment letting us know what you got!

Online Color Challenge (via Popular Photography)

  • Markus Heinisch

    Score is 8

  • Gary

    148 but in my defense, I’ve had retinal detachment surgery on both eyes.

  • Robert

    Got an 8, 52 year old male (fat hairy old photographer)

  • Elizabeth Williams

    15, but this monitor is old and not calibrated. Gonna try again, when I get home this evening, using my Spyder-calibrated iMac

  • Cheri Allbritton

    I scored an 8. What does that say for a colorwheel?

  • PeterA

    0, but I think my eyes are bleeding now :p

  • cizmad

    Got a 4, which I’m pretty pleased with. All four that were wrong were in the same color region and right next to each other. Apparently my eyes just don’t care when greenish blue officially becomes bluish green.

  • Calgary Photographer

    I scored a zero! Giddy up!

  • Charles

    I got a 4 also!!

  • Carlos

    i got a 4. results will depend on your monitor calobration….

  • David Nagy

    16 for this male 43-year-old.

  • Robin Smidsrød

    I got a 0 too (on a calibrated monitor). Nice to know that my color vision is apparently OK. :)

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  • PFgamble

    Also got a zero on a great macintosh screen. Kinda easy when you’re allowed to switch tiles one slot to the left or right to see the difference.

  • Neil

    I scored 28. Could have driven lower if I were more patient

  • Paul

    You have perfect color vision!
    # Your score: 0
    # Gender: Male
    # Age range: 30

  • Asa Saviskas

    I got a 0

  • Randy Parker

    0 on an uncalibrated monitor

    You have perfect color vision!

    Your score: 0
    Gender: Male
    Age range: 50-59

  • Raina

    I got a 3.

    I’m pretty sure my monitor isn’t calibrated either. Especially since my kids play with it.

    Gender; Female
    Age: 25

  • nickname001

    I got a 0 first try

  • Photo Lab Chick

    Got a 0 using a blackberry phone, lol. Pain in the ass to move the tiles with it, but meh piece of cake. Then again, I do a lot of colour correcting

  • vycka

    4 :)

  • Cobra15

    I have got perfect colour vision.

  • karl

    i scored an 8
    21yr old male

  • lsmdna

    I scored a 3. Blues/greens got the best of me..

  • Kelsey G.

    I am a 13-year-old female who got a 14. Anyone know what that means?

  • Benjamin Zamora Alfaro

    me too! in ages 10-15 is that very very good or average?

  • Pratap solanki

    I got a 4 on my old (samsung SyncMaster 594 MG) crt I guess it was a pretty good score.

  • Kari

    I got a 12

  • A Guilding

    I think they use 99 as a standard for ‘low acuity’, but you can get higher (have worse colour vision) than that. But it doesn’t make sense to have a scale from 0 to over a thousand when hardly anyone gets over 99.

  • tasha

    I got a 4 as well. age range 30-39. Not bad for these old eyes

  • N


  • MkMiku

    I got a 15, but got lazy on the last one.

  • Josh

    perfect score!

  • no

    I got a 301, and I’ve done this several times, the lowest score I ever got being 252. How do people manage such low scores? It’s freaking impossible for me, especially the second from bottom one and the top one.

  • Brenden Smith

    I scored a 102…and now i have a headache lol

  • j.gon

    i got a 4 im so proud of my self

  • Bill From Boca

    I’m a 40 year old male with an uncalibrated Samsung monitor and no artistic talent. I scored a 4. The 4 I missed were all together in the lower range of the red hues.

  • Jenn

    I scored a 0.

  • Leandra Walker

    I took this test out of curiosity that I might be a tetrachromat, because I typically see about ten colors in rainbows. I took the test and scored a perfect 0 on this first try. I am a 22 year old female, does anyone know if at this age you are supposed to get a perfect score? Or could this be an indication of being a tetrachromat by chance?

  • Patricia Williams

    I got a 3! My monitor isn’t the best and it’s not calibrated, not sure if that made a difference. If I’d known I was going to do so well I would have looked closer and done it when I haven’t been up for way too long. I just arranged them quickly (I’d say less than 5 minutes while I was watching TV) and hit enter. I think I’ll try it again when I’m well rested and willing to actually look closely. But after looking at a lot of the other scores, I’m really excited that I did so well


    perfect score. how common/rare is that?

  • Jamie Louise Higgins

    I got 4 :3 woop

  • Lost voice

    Your score: 3
    Gender: Female
    Age range: 20-29
    Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 19760

    I wish the stats were actually more useful.