How Canon DSLR Cameras Work

Ever wonder what actually happens between the time you press the shutter button on a DSLR and when the image shows up on the LCD screen? Canon made these two videos explaining how their DSLR cameras work and how they use CMOS sensors to turn photons into photos. You’ll probably find this pretty interesting if you’ve never learned about CMOS sensors before. For a more in-depth lesson, check out the sensor tutorial over on Cambridge in Colour.

  • Bas ter Beek

    Wow. Never heard someone ‘drag’ words like that in the end of a sentence…

  • Kornell K

    CMOS Sensors a bla bla bla technology. i have one hot pixel and two stuck on my 5D. this sucks

  • Jan

    omg, the voiceover and music are just painful to listen to. this is just horrible.

  • Per Karlsson

    Like if it was made in the 1960s… Hope pictuer quality is more up to date than that

  • Gary Quinn

    Canon is the best camera company in the world #winning

  • Armando Martinez

    Pretty cool.

  • Octavio

    Why so much attention to the messenger and less to the message?

    This video shows what matters if you have even the least curiosity for what goes in inside that magical “black box”.

  • bri

    the video was horrible, but the technology is amazing.. it’s a wonder things don’t go wrong more often really.. especially when doing burst shots