Retro-looking Home Video Created with a Canon 7D in Burst Mode

Here’s some neat camera trickery: Ryan Hargrave captured some unique home video by shooting stills with his Canon 7D in burst mode rather than using the video recording mode. After some post-processing work, he ended up with this sweet video of his children that looks like it was filmed decades ago.

(via planet5D)

  • Darko Sikman

    That can’t be good for your shutter

  • Arena Creative Stock Imagery

    hahah probably not good on the shutter – use sparingly, but a cool way to use a 40D or non-video capable DSLR to shoot video :)

  • Andrei Zdetovetchi

    Haha, funny! And indeed is bad for the shutter but on 7D it’s supposed to last longer…
    Anyway, been there done that, more than a year ago:
    (of course, less than 6 months after, my 450D shutter died)

  • Brett

    Why not simply divide the framerate by 4 in your editing program. Shoot 24fps or 29.97fps, set it to 6fps or 7.4925fps respectively.

  • Armando Martinez

    What a great idea. Love the creative use of the burst frame shooting.

  • hayley

    very cool, but yeah…can’t be good for the camera! Can’t you do something like that in post very easily, and spare your equipment?

  • Dennis Strickland

    Cool idea. May not be good for the shutter, but that is why you buy an extended warranty. :)

  • Ryan

    Frame dropping is not random enough. I tried that at first and it just looks like you took a video and frame dropped it.

  • Ryan

    technically you can. But it’s like alot of things done in post.. they look like they were done in post.

  • Ryan

    Shutter comments are very good thoughts. I use the 7D mostly for film so I’m not as worried. And for a shot that might fit into a sequence every now and then I think it’s worth the 2-3000 shutter cycles. But def not something I’m going around doing all the time.

  • Garry Knight

    I’d thought of doing this by splitting a video into JPEGs, batch-processing them, then putting them back together again using something like ImageMagick, but he’s found perhaps a better way of doing it, and with nicer results.

  • Brett

    But shooting burst at 7fps is random?

  • Ryan

    well it is called “burst”, which means that your fps will burst up to 7fps… so yes.. it is a random frame-rate. Plus based on buffer size, card speed etc.. it will slow the fps down even further or cause some nice gaps in the frames in very random spots. This is what gives this technique a hand-cranked feel that everyone expects when seeing something old. I’ve seen anywhere from 4-9fps out of the 7D… add that to shooting in something like aperture priority where the shutter speed will change as well (causing varying degrees of motion blur) and you get a very random feel that can’t be mimicked with frame dropping.

    You could technically write some expressions in AE to do a random frame drop and change motion blur between frames randomly and prob nail it pretty close.

  • Kim

    Thats why you have USAA warranty and say you dropped the thing in the shitter while taking pictures of your kid/cat/dog/grandma/neighbor drinking water out of the tap in the tub… just sayin…. oh, and P>S> this is EXACTLY what warranties are for – and the video was dope.

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  • White Hot Phoenix

    I’ve done a few different videos with this method. If you’d like to see them, check out my youtube page:

  • Brett

    That’s very interesting. I suppose the mirror and shutter do create some sort of variation versus effectively a digital shutter with video. The video does look very convincing. I’ve spent many days and weeks total in my life looking for ways to fake various vintage looks in post.

    I’ve done wiggle expressions for a time posterization effect and it would work pretty well. perhaps I’ll experiment with it soon again.

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  • Microphonematt

    its cool yeah but iphone apps can do that just as well i just got a 7D and im already missing all the iphone apps haha