Canon Goes Colorful with the Rebel T3

We’re not sure how we missed this when the camera was announced at the beginning of last month, but the Canon Rebel T3 (AKA 1100D) will be available in four different colors when it lands on shelves next month. In addition to the standard black body — which some consumers might find intimidating — the camera (and matching straps) will also be available in red, brown, and metallic gray. Supposedly non-black versions will cost a bit more.

Perhaps this is the first step Canon is taking towards allowing the colors on entry-level DSLRs to be completely customized, like Pentax has been doing for some time now.

  • Anshel Sag

    Interesting, I’m actually a semi-broke college student looking to get a new starter DSLR for myself. The only problem is that I’m having a hard time figuring out what combination I should get. I was trying to decided between going super entry level (T3 and D3100) or step up and get something like a T2i or T3i. I don’t really see much value in going from the T2i to the T3i, but I’m also having a hard time getting a T2i with just the crappy kit lense.

  • Anonymous

    colorful? hardly…

  • Vfdgfdg

    Nikon D200

  • Jhracer3

    I like this trend. It makes it much easier to tell consumers or noobs from pros at a distance.

  • Anonymous

    Well, duh, I already pay a premium for a red stripe on my canon lenses.

  • Photodingo

    I found a sweet deal on a used T1i last year, you could probably find something similar for the T2i now…I got mine with a kit 18-55mm, which I promptly sold and picked up the 18-200 IS.

    Happy hunting!

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