Music Video Shows 7 Seconds from a High-speed Train Played in Slow-motion

Last year we featured a pretty neat slow motion video shot from a moving train. British band SixToes decided to use the same idea for a music video, placing people all along the platform doing various things, and slowing down 7 seconds of footage into an entire music video.

The idea could be improved on by having what’s happening on the platform reflect what’s being sung in the song, but would require tons of planning and perfect timing — though the end product would be totally mind-boggling.

(via Small Aperture)

  • A P Photography

    I adore this, and wouldn’t think of criticising it , but I couldn’t help wondering if this could work equally well with more than one station involved. If you had that zooming from station to station and then the 7 seconds slow-motion in between, I think the effect would be enhanced, and even more fascinating. Great work, this should win prizes everywhere.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I like the original better

  • Panamafour

    This reminds me of “Southern California” by the band Wax (directed by Spike Jonze). it came out about 10 years ago.

  • Mike


  • Steve Bingham

    The Wax video was the first thing I thought of too when I read the headline. FYI, the song is just ‘California’ but minor detail.

    Here’s the video:

  • Crisp

    ‘The video is private’ ?