How Not to Photograph the Stanley Cup with a Leica M6

This humorous video found on the NHL website demonstrates the improper way of using your Leica M6 if you ever have the opportunity to photograph the Stanley Cup.

  • I <3 Canon

    What a tool.

  • Simon Hucko

    lol. to be fair, it’s really easy to do this with a rangefinder, since you’re not looking through the lens. but the dude should have figured it out after the first blank frame…

  • Anonymous

    isn’t the M6 a 35mm? He wont notice until he develops. hahaha

  • Sandervdveen

    lol.. epic failure

  • Anonymous

    Cameras are hard.

  • Anonymous

    And THAT is why they used to pay photographers!

  • Phil Lowe

    Probably a rich dentist with his new toys. What a waste of decent kit.

  • Goonery

    obviously a pro, he has 2 cameras

  • Dan Domme

    That’s why I use a big, thick lens cap. Hard not to notice and remove it before I go walking around.

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  • dyler turden

    His other camera is a nikon. and he wears an uber gold watch. Must be a pro having a bad day. Hangover maybe?

  • JR

    Obviously NOT a pro, lol … look at the watch. He’s just some fool with too much money.

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  • Franz Taptanium

    It’s obvious: The camera has a usability problem. Why doesn’t it detect that the cap is attached to the lens? anyways: double-lol :D :D

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  • Guest

    The user has the problem, not the camera. As soon as he set his exposure via the meter, he should have noticed.

  • Huggs

    I love how he’s searching for the right aperture.

  • John Frye

    First rule of Leica photography, if the camera is in your hand , the lens cap is in your pocket!

  • Tyson Call

    “Why isn’t it metering!?” You can see the panic on his face.

    That was a Noctilux BTW.

  • Tyson Call

    It does. The meter blinks. He is just inept.

  • Julian

    Nikon users…. you know….


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  • menos

    Leica M6TTL + Motor-M + Noctilux f1 v4 + Nikon D700 (?) + Nikon 17-35 2.8 AF-S.
    He IS actually recognizing, that his meter suggests severe underexposure (blinking LEDs), as he checks aperture, meter setting on the back and is constantly changing aperture, watching the meter not stopping to blink on him.
    He simply forgot, to take the cap off and is checking quite quickly (within seconds) all possible sources (shutter speed, ASA dial on the back, aperture check loking at aperture ring + aperture while metering).

    He doesn’t look like an idiot – he knows, what he is doing. Lens cap days happen to RF users – he is just having one.

    I don’t know, what the comments about his watch or presumptions about his profession have to do with that.

    I hope, he sees the video on the net and has a smirk or two ;-)

    Some of my greatest shots have been lost due to lens caps too ;-)

  • Jamie

    Does not deserve a Leica!

  • Fpmikedeal

    This is why you leave the caps in the box when you take it out for the first time. That’s what uv filters are for.

  • Pavel Redko

    A UV filter on a Noctilux lens?

  • Armando

    That is awesome.

  • Curt Sampson

    I suspect a lot of people commenting on this thread are not rangefinder users. I suspect that everyone who’s used a rangefinder has had this happen to them. Same happened to me with my Panasonic GF1; I’d been using SLRs almost exclusively for a couple of years, and had just bought a hot-shoe viewfinder. I had the display turned off (sunny day) and, since I had no metering or anything in the viewfinder, I ended up taking five or six shots before I realized the lens cap was on.

    You do it once and you remember, though.

  • Fajar

    anyone who have that much money is certainly not a fool, and there’s no such thing as too much money.

  • RWS

    More money than brains…

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  • groucho marx

    It was me. I’m so ashamed… LOL
    It happens, ok???

  • redhawk

    You certainly won’t get the most of your Nocti with the lens cap on! I’ve never done this but there’s a first time for everything.