Canon Rumored to be Working with Apple

The blogosphere is abuzz today over a rumor that Canon and Apple may be planning to collaborate on an upcoming project. Craig over at Canon Rumors started it yesterday when he wrote,

I’ve received a few pieces of information about an upcoming collaboration between Apple and Canon. What that collaboration is hasn’t been spelled out to me. It could be with the upcoming Final Cut Pro 8, or maybe something more.

The story was soon picked up by blogs and magazines, with everyone trying to make guesses as to what the “secret project” might be (if there even is one). Hopefully it has to do with Aperture or something photography related, though the next version of Final Cut Pro is a likely candidate as well.

Image credit: Canon Laptop by Frank Kehren

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Hope output from the camera is from a better editable codec than h264.

  • River Halverson

    An apple dlsr, sweet

  • Salz

    I guess, that all of Canon’s cameras and camcorders will support Apple’s iFrame, like some of Sanyo’s Xacti models. Some Powershots and one Ixus model already support Apples video format.

    Canon is working on a RAW video format for the DIGIC 5 processor which will have its debut in the 5D Mark III. Maybe Final Cut 8 can handle this codec natively.

  • Brett

    Do you have more information on this Raw codec? If that’s true then I’ll definitely wait to upgrade until the Mark III is now.

  • Salz

    Sorry, my last post didn’t made it through the blog filter. I guess because I posted a link.

    There was an interview w/ Canon senior manager Tsunemasa Ohara on eoshd[dot]com. Google his name, it should be the 1st hit. He said:

    “The 5D Mark III will follow 12 months from now. It will bring to consumers the new sensor and AF from the 1DS, but pair it with a DIGIC 5 processor designed around a video core, as well as a purely photographic one. The video encoder will be very high powered and deliver a huge increase in HD video quality, possibly along with the option for raw video. This all takes time to develop, and it appears Canon have their DIGIC department and CMOS division out of sync by 12 months which I find quite odd.”

    Well, he said “possibly”. The last rumors are talking about a new mpeg2 codec. So I’m not sure if they’ll really offer a RAW codec. Anyway – I’m waiting for this camera cause I’m curious as hell.

  • Calebnichols

    that’s why you should be transcoding to pro res

  • Ed

    What if the display and functionality controls of the camera came from your iPhone? Create a space on the back of the camera instead of having screen and buttons there, slot the iPhone into it and control the camera via a Canon app through touchscreen, or via the normal knobs and buttons on the top of the camera. That would have to be better that all the menus that you have to go through currently, on any camera. Just imagining…

  • Matt

    This sounds terrible.

  • D Stotzem

    I would like to know where I can get the cover for the macbook displayed on the photo of the post!