Wooden Tripod for Photographers Who Want Both Style and Stability

Most modern tripods are made of materials that are designed to be light-weight yet stable. If having the lightest of tripods isn’t a requirement for you, then check out these hand-made wooden tripods from the German company Berlebach. Though they can weigh in at 6+ pounds, the solid ash wood legs are supposedly better at dampening vibration than steel, carbon, or aluminum. Plus, they look pretty snazzy.

You can purchase them directly from Berlebach, or find one marketed as the “Expedition Wooden Tripod” over on Photojojo for $290.

(via Wired)

  • Anonymous

    It sure looks nice, but if you really want something that dampens vibrations, maybe you need to have an actual vibration dampening design? I can see wood having some effect, being a solid core slightly less subject to internal resonance than an aluminum or carbon fiber tube, it’s not really a dampening design.

  • Ringo

    Interesting, so which tripod has a dampening design?

  • Master

    i working with a berlebach for high precision panoramic and gigapixel photography since two years. there’s no better anti vibration material for tripods than berlebachs ashwood.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, there isn’t a dampening design, but if it’s important, then maybe the tripod makers need to make one.

  • Anonymous

    A little too heavy and bulky. Looks nice though.

  • videoflyer

    If I had the disposable cash, I wood definitely get one of these. ;^)

  • GreeneCam

    This is my tripod! I love it. Definitely worth the extra weight and bulk.

  • Oliver

    very nice, reckon i good old hasselblad would look ever better on this pod, when are they going to be in SA….