Tokyo Girl Documents Her Adventures in Levitation

Hayashi Natsumi is a girl who lives in Tokyo, has two cats as housemates, and shoots daily photographs of her adventures in levitation.

You can find more of Natsumi’s levitation photographs (and some photos of her cats) on her photoblog.

yowayowa camera woman diary (via My Modern Metropolis)

Image credits: Photographs by Hayashi Natsumi and used with permission

  • Anonymous

    I even like the 3D ones and I hate simulated 3D

  • br

    some interesting stuff there.. some give more of a levitation feeling then others that merely look like jumping. But all the photos are still good. I like how they include other people in some shots. She’s brave.

    Also helps she’s a very attractive young woman

  • MB06

    What 3D ones? I went through her website as well. Are you taking about the ones with slow sync flash?

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  • Lui

    nahhh the ones where its 2 photos side by side, and and you have to cross your eyes in order to see a 3D image. i love them hehe

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  • a.q.m.

    napakaganda at maayos ang pagkagawa ng leviation!!!! :)