Interactive Map Shows “War on Cameras”

Cop Block created an interactive map showing the “War on Cameras” in which each marker shows an incident where someone was “harassed, detained, threatened, attacked, arrested, or charged with a crime” by government officials for using a camera. It only has about 60 markers on it at the moment — a more solution would be to have a crowdsourced map where anyone can contribute and add events. Still, this is pretty neat for those interested in photographers’ rights (a pretty big issue last year).

The War on Cameras: An Interactive Map (via Pixiq)

  • Trudy

    Helpful map and I like the idea you posed as well, in regards to other people being able to add information.

  • Brian Jones

    You should add another one to the map:

    A bill that would prohibit registered sex offenders from photographing children without a parent’s permission has passed the Georgia House.

    They’re billing it as a sex offender law, but ultimately would prevent photography by anyone taking pictures of children.

  • DM|ZE

    I don’t agree with taking away rights, but I do agree with protecting our children. I think it’s nice out of courtesy to ask a parents permission before you take shots of them anyway. It can save yourself a lot of trouble. I know as a parent I would much rather a person ask me prior to taking shots of my kids. Cool map though, thanks for sharing.

  • Brian Jones

    The problem with this law is, however, that it doesn’t even really matter if you’re taking pictures of other kids. The same law comes into play if you’re taking pictures of your own kids, and other kids are around. Imagine you take your kid to a park in the spring. There may be 15 – 20 other children there. All it would take is one parent to get paranoid, and call the cops, and you could be arrested.

  • Michael

    Shame that we aren’t moving away from this post 9/11 paranoia towards people with cameras.

  • firecrafter

    Its always interesting to see your own name pop up in these kind of things…

  • DM|ZE

    I hear what you’re saying and I understand that, I’m just not sure what the answer is. Is there a way to protect the rights of photographers (or parents as photogs) AND protect our children from predators? Not saying the law is good but are there alternatives? I’m all for the death penalty in these predator cases, but then someone complains about the predators rights… not trying to make this a politcal site by any means just wondering if there is a better solution.