Panasonic Lumix FX77 Can Whiten Teeth and Apply Makeup to Faces

Panasonic wants to move portrait retouching off of computers and directly into cameras. Their Lumix FX77 compact camera released last week has a “Beauty Retouch Mode” that allows users to make all kinds of edits to faces immediately after capturing the photo:

The Beauty Retouch Mode makes it possible to virtually makeup the faces. In Esthetic Mode, various effects can be applied to the face including clearing the skin texture, whitening of teeth and so on. In the Make-up Mode, you can choose the color of foundation, lips, cheeks or eye-shadow. [#]

The photoshopping capabilities aren’t limited to what can be done naturally — users can also do chin lifts and eye enlargements!

Here’s a lineup of the “enhancements” offered:

When used together, here’s what it can do for a face:

Finally, we leave you with this short news segment that introduces this strange feature:

Panasonic Lumix FX77 (via Reuters)

  • Anonymous

    Bad idea, in my opinion, it looks really cartoonish. In camera processing usually clobbers the picture such that bad processing can’t be reversed later. If they save both versions then that’s smart. All this really should be done on a computer or something with a display larger than a camera.

  • Weise Studios

    Wow… Just… Just wow…
    (And I’m not sure the ‘wow’ is a good thing).
    But I guess its nice for teenagers? It’s the hip-cool-new-thing? o_O; Man I sound/feel old.

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  • Pat

    duh guys … Just a matter of time for the computing power in the camera and you will have this :

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