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Kodak is Like Apple, Except in Reverse

MarketWatch has an interesting article titled “Kodak Is Apple In Reverse” that compares Kodak’s meteoric fall with Apple’s meteoric rise. Back in 1997, Kodak was a $28 billion dollar company while Apple was worth a measly $2 billion. Now Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world (currently worth $330 billion), and earns enough profit every quarter ($6 billion) to buy Kodak… six times over!

Kodak also had a 100+ year head-start in selling cameras (they first started selling portable cameras 123 years ago), but only sold 10.5 million digital cameras last year compared to the 16 million sold by Apple via their iPhone. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Kodak Is Apple In Reverse (via Photo Rumors)

Image credit: by hundrednorth

Giving Away a Rotation 360° Backpack

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner is announced below.

Time for another giveaway! We’re giving away a Rotation 360° camera backpack by Think Tank Photo worth $279. It’s a backpack with a built-in belt pack that allows you to access gear without taking the thing off your back.

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is:

Tell us what you did on Valentine’s Day

There are two ways to enter, and doing both methods will give you 2 entries in the contest, and thus double the chance the win!

  1. Leave your response as a comment on this post
  2. Tweet your response, and include the following link to this post anywhere in the tweet:

    As long as the link appears in the tweet, you’ll be automatically entered in the contest.

This contest is open to all (the bag can be shipped internationally) and will end in two days on Saturday, February 19th, 2011. We’ll randomly pick a winner using and update this post. Good luck!

A big thanks to Think Tank Photo for providing the prize for this giveaway!

Update: This giveaway is now over. We received a total of 381 comment entries and 185 Tweet entries for 566 entries total. The randomly selected winner is…

#346: @redvoid

Took my girl out for vintage wine by the glass @ the Bern’s Steakhouse Lounge, then to an art show put on by friends & stayed up all night :) <3

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize (we’re contacting you as well).

Thanks for participating everyone! Stay tuned for another giveaway soon.

A Lesson Learned While Shooting a Time-Lapse Video

Reddit user acts541 tried creating a time-lapse video of a flower opening and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

Adobe Lightroom 3 for $189 Today Through Amazon Gold Box

Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day today is Adobe Lightroom 3 for $189. This normally costs $299 direct from Adobe or $240-250 elsewhere, so if you’ve been waiting to jump into Lightroom, now’s a good time to do so.

Camera Flash Helps Save a Hiking Photographer’s Life

February seems to be the month when lost photographers’ lives are saved thanks to their camera flashes. Last year around this time a German tourist was miraculously rescued when a woman spotted his desperate flashes on a live webcam feed.

Earlier this week a 29-year-old photographer was hiking in Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin when darkness fell, causing him to became lost, wander off the trail, and fall 15 feet into a boulder field. The man spent two hours on the phone with rescuers before they were able to locate him in the darkness thanks to flashes he was firing off with his camera. He had developed hypothermia from the snow, but his camera flash saved his life.

(via Chicago Tribune)

Image credit: *Flash* by Michael Mistretta

How to Shoot 35mm Film with a Holga

Here’s a fun project for you film-lovers: use 35mm film in a Holga instead of medium format to shoot wide photos that bleed onto the sprocket holes of the film! This video tutorial shows how this is done. You can also check out this Instructables tutorial for a text-version of this project.
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Behind the Scenes with Sports Illustrated Photographers at the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest event in the NFL season, but one of the biggest events for the world’s best sports photographers each year. Here’s a neat behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to shoot the Super Bowl as a Sports Illustrated photographer.

(via f stoppers)

Noise Cancellation to Make Recording with Compact Cameras Quieter

NEC announced today that they’ve developed “noise suppression technologies” for compact cameras that will clean up the audio in video recordings by canceling out the noise created by the lens zooming in and out. It works by storing a recording of what the zoom noise sounds like to the camera, and subtracting that noise from recorded video. Casio’s new EX-ZR10 will be the first compact to feature this new tech, but NEC promises that it’ll be found throughout the digicam market soon. Enjoy the “ZZZZ! ZZZZ!” sound while it’s still around!

(via Engadget)

Russian President Dimitri Medvedev Loves Photography

Did you know that Russian President Dimitri Medvedev is an avid photo enthusiast? In this video he shares some thoughts on photography, and talks about his own involvement in the art. If you’re wondering what he shoots with, the answer is a Leica M9, as well as Canon and Nikon cameras.

(via Photoxels)

The Windows, Doors, and Televisions of a 54-Story Apartment Building

For his project titled “Ponte City“, photographer Mikhael Subotzky photographed every door, window, and television set in a particular apartment building in Johannesburg. The photographs are then displayed on giant contact sheets, creating beautiful miniature apartment buildings out of photographs. You can view larger versions of each contact sheet on Subotzky’s website.

Ponte City DWT (via dvafoto)

Image credits: Photographs by Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse, courtesy Goodman Gallery