Ring Flash Add-on for Your External Flash

Photojojo has a new ring flash adapter that allows you to shoot soft, studio-style portraits without shelling out the big bucks for an actual ring flash. It’s a plastic add-on with a reflective circle that simply channels the light from your existing flash, so it doesn’t require any batteries.

Here’s a sample photograph taken with the adapter:

It sells for $40 from the Photojojo store.

  • Phil Lowe

    Not bulky enough – do you have anything bugger?

  • Emanuele Meazzo

    I have it, and spent less buying it from ebay (incl. shipping)

  • Lennart

    That actually seems like a nice alternative for people not willing to pay big bucks for a ringflash but too lazy to build one theirselves!

    Hope I’ll be able to buy this for $10 on dealextreme sometime soon :P

  • Si Moore

    I really wouldn’t bother… It’s camera/flash specific so you need to make sure it’ll fit on your own particular combination. It also sucks almost every single photon produced by your flash and sends very little out of the front.

    I bought one last year at the Focus On Imaging show here in the UK to use with my 5DMKII and 580EXII. On full power with the camera on ISO100, the range is extremely limited. It’s been sat in a drawer ever since! :o/

  • Cory Trese

    seems like it would work but no flash is strong enough. i sold mine on e-bay

  • JFS

    As Emanuele said, this is not “new” at all. This is the “macro o ring flash” you can easily find on Ebay, which is itself a slightly modified (and less expensive, since it’s a chinese copy) version of the RayFlash (I own the latter, and I am very happy with it).

  • Dominick Delli Paoli

    Hey Michael Zhang – this is OLD OLD news…RayFlash had one of these years ago! Peta needs to start stepping up – you guys used to be a daily hit for me….

  • Andre Vospette

    Do any of these cheap ring-flash “substitutes” give results that look ANYTHING like an actual ring-flash?

  • Mead

    Try an Orbis ring flash, it is much more efficient and replicates a real ring flash much better than the cheap chinese versions.

  • Andre Vospette

    Admittedly, the Orbis comes closer to the real thing than anything else I’ve seen (according to Google Image Search, at least).

  • Sean McCormack

    I own one of these and use it from time to time. Gotta be blunt, as a ring flash, it’s crap. As it’s own effect it’s ok, but it doesn’t cast a top shadow, which is kinda important in a ring flash.

  • Michael Zhang

    Yikes, will try :D

  • Michael Zhang

    Yikes, will try :D

  • Mike

    I have this and I’m not impressed.

  • SamSoares

    Well talking about the Orbis, i do own one and it’s one of the best tools i’ve ever invested on. It works for all sorts of photography but what makes it even more complete is the fact you can use it on a flash off-camera allowing for various light effects. I use it for a variety of things, from fashion shoots to nightlife events which really proves how versatile it is.