Spanish Newspaper “Apologizes” for Doctoring Photo of Soccer Match

Spanish sports daily AS was forced to publish an apology earlier this week over a soccer match photo in which a player was airbrushed out. The photo was of a controversial no-call in which a Barcelona player might have been slightly offsides before receiving the ball and assisting in a goal. In the photograph published by AS, the last defender was removed, making the Barcelona player look clearly offsides.

The apology posted by the paper had the headline “Pedimos disculpas por un error en la infografĂ­a del 1-0,” which translates to “We apologise for the error in the computer graphics in the 1-0 incident”. So it seems that while they were adding in the lines and player names explaining the play, the brilliant Photoshop guru accidentally performed some Content Aware Fill mojo on that last defender. Clearly an understandable mistake, wouldn’t you say?

(via Rob Galbraith)

  • MFMG

    That’s not the only thing they retouched, these aren’t even the same photograph. They are two separate photographs with common elements. Take a close look. Some of the players have different “poses”. The description doesn’t account for enough of what has been done here.

  • Almond

    The bottom one is a photo of a TV screen or similar; look at the score in the top right. I think it’s for comparison, not to show original vs. retouched.

  • Michael

    Wow that’s really pathetic. They just don’t make journalists the way they used to.

  • Anonymous

    The As is a newspaper tied to Real Madrid, so, it’s against everything about FC Barcelona. And, what is worse, they think that people are stupid. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but here in Spain, newspapers, writers (search about plagiarism by Ana Rosa Quintana) use obscene uses of computer tools, and, when they’re uncovered, they always say “Hey, it wasn’t our fault. It was a computer error…”

  • Anonymous

    Wow, thanks for that insight. It’s ridiculous that those papers believe they can get away with stuff like that. And what about journalistic integrity? This makes me just a little bit worried that stunts like that get pulled everywhere else too and I’m dumb enough to fall for them.