A Guided Tour of Yuri Arcurs’ New Studio

If there was an MTV Cribs for photographers, it would probably look something like this. In this video Yuri Arcurs gives us a tour of his new photo studio, and the €300,000 (~$400,000) of lighting equipment that he has lying around in it. It’s a studio fit for the king of microstock — one who sells over 2,000 photos a day and over 2 million a year.

  • Jefferyhoeft

    Wow! I’d like to have just a small fraction of the equipment he’s got.

  • Kari

    This amount of equipment just to do dull, average stock photography? Workflow straight to iStock! BUSINESS_HIGH_FIVE.JPG all the way! Jesus

  • Anonymous

    Yah right, I’m a hobbits with limited resources and most of my equipment is DIY in a spare room. Dream on.