Creative Portraits of a Cat on the Ground

We’ve featured this creative style of photography before where the subjects were neighborhood children and a baby, but what about dreaming up scenes with a cat and a dog on the ground instead of a person? That’s exactly what Theresa Knudson did with her cat Fluffy, arranging paper props in the scene and using the ground as the backdrop.

Fluffy doesn’t get to have all the adventure though… Knudson shot this portrait of her dog her friend Ariel’s dog Lily as well:

(via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Theresa Knudson and used with permission


    this is fantastic but rarely we can see such positions of cat in real life

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  • Chantal

    I love this! Great idea!!

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  • guest

    you’re cats are sure some lazy fucks

  • AndrÉ Alejandro Hormazábal

    jAJaJAJaj muy bkn !