Introducing the Arri Alexa Camera

Here’s a humorous introduction to the Arri Alexa digital motion picture camera by Inspiration Studios. Though they have the Canon 7D available for rent, they don’t seem to think too highly of it.

If only there were educational videos of this style for every camera on the market… That would make learning quite enjoyable.

  • Joshua boyboy

    $20 says they still bother to put a rather thick mattress in front of the 7D

  • Campbell Simpson

    It’s hard to think too highly of the 7D once you’ve seen a comparison between it and the Alexa when it comes to grading and post-processing video. Well, apart from the massive price difference between the two.

  • Daniel Kramer

    Hilarious…! i watched it twice and will watch it again in 3-2-1…

  • vale

    oh that’s cool, kick that 7D! But then think about the price, I’d rather pick the 7D, shoot fine videos AND buy myself a nice car and a motorcycle.

  • Mike

    Fock the Alexa. Not only is it apples and oranges, but as everyone knows, it’s the story that matters, not the technology.


  • Paullah

    alexa has got its own warmth and depth dat gives a real film quality 2 ur baby!

  • Chris Weaver

    The color temperature menu has a WTF option. :)