Cardboard USB Sticks Perfect for Sharing Photos with Friends

The Flashkus by Art Lebedev is a cheap, disposable, and environmentally friendly cardboard USB stick that might one day make sharing event photos with friends much easier and cheaper. While many websites are geared towards photo sharing, transferring gigabytes of data to friends is still difficult to do via the Interwebs, so people often choose to burn DVDs or use pricey USB drives. The Flashkus would make the process easier by allowing people to simply tear off a USB drive, dump photos onto it, scribble a note onto the front, and hand it off to their friends. Once the photos are downloaded, the drive can be reused or thrown away.

It’ll be available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB but currently seems to be in the concept/design stage. Hopefully Art Lebedev adds it to their online store soon.

Flashkus (via Wired)

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Interesting idea, but seems to me to have limited practicality. Anybody who thinks that transferring files over the internet is hard hasn’t ever used skype or dropbox. It’s literally drag-and-drop for both of those. Plus, right now you can get an 8gb flash drive from amazon for $9.54 and 4gb for $4.72. Judging by the prices on the Art Lebedev store I doubt these would be cheaper than that.

  • Jens Flscher

    Unless Art Lebedev manages to make the wiring and chips from cardboard too, this thing is neither cheap, nor environmentally friendly.

  • Anonymous

    No kidding. Some time ago, I looked up the environmental impact of a DVD vs. an SD card, and the DVD had less impact in terms of water used, electricity consumed and CO2 emissions. I would hope that internet downloads would be better. Fabbing a wafer into chips is not efficient, and it requires a lot of stages, a lot of power and a lot of chemicals that can be toxic.

  • Picsbykathleen

    They would have to be incredibly inexpensive. As an event photographer it would be great to just put their files on one, charge them on the spot and be done with it.(no emailing individual files later)

  • softlad

    “Hopefully Art Lebedev adds it to their online store soon. ” Seems an odd thing to say when the price is unknown.

  • Boggy

    I’m sorry, but how is it “environmentally friendly” to invent anything with the intention of it being thrown away?

  • Espen StrangerSeland

    So long time to replace the floppy disk?

  • Rick Millington

    Bands/Artists should do this with tasters of their music and write their contact details on them to pass round. Plus the person who is given these samples now has a free novelty flash drive for various uses. If I was given one of these as a business card I’d want to do business with that person. Classy!

    I deffinitely want some of these so hit me up when these bad daddies go on sale!!