Amazing Effects From Popular TV Shows

Here’s a mind-blowing demo reel by Stargate Studios that will make you doubt everything you see on television in the future.

  • George Birbilis

    that explains why the background is sometimes so perfectly blured

  • ranger9

    There are people who believe what they see on television??!?


    Some of the shots are obvious in the sense that you’re not going to shoot on Mars or on Mt Everest. What i find very interesting is the trend in the industry to go green screen on very casual shots like the Lincoln Memorial or non-descript streets of San Francisco and New York. The fact that it’s cheaper and possibly faster (considering travel, permits, etc.) to use CGI and compositing rather than on location for “easy” shoots demonstrates how far digital special effects have gone in roughly 20 years.

  • OkiMike

    And/or just how impossible/expensive the various State/Federal bureaucracies have made it to obtain permits to shoot the shots necessary.

    Granted, it’s all about control and shooting on a small lot or in a studio gives far more control than on-scene.

  • Alex Ch

    TV is cheating

  • suzy

    Sorry, but a lot of it just looks fake.

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  • Redherring02

    Everything is just green screen. I feel like someone just told me Santa isn’t real.

  • The Reel Foto

    you would think otherwise, but seeing how these shots are made makes them even more amazing!

    go technology!

  • Dbakeca Italia

    nice video

  • Farhad Pakravan

    wow i feel so cheated

  • obbop

    Ponder the possibility that all we see around us is but a very advanced form of “green screen” that is applied to our brain and sensory organs that allow the brain to interact with “reality.”

  • MarkmBha


  • suzy is self-righteous

    what do you mean ‘fake’?

  • Sergio Mims

    You mean top tell me that the production crew just couldn’t go to N.Y. and shoot those background sequences? You know like they used to do in the old day days of film making. Even super low budget films would just shoot on the street. What’s the point of recreating it in the studio in front of a green screen? Am I missing something here?

    Another reason why films today suck so much.