Cute Camera Creatures for Child Portraits

Getting an infant or toddler to stare into your camera lens can be a challenge, and you’re forced to compete with all kinds of sights and sounds that easily steal their gaze and attention. Camera Creatures are hand-stitched toys that attach to the front of your camera lens to give your tiny subjects something cute to look at while you photograph them. They cost $10 in this Etsy store.

For a solution that’s less cute but possibly more effective, check out the ShutterBuddy, a checkboard pattern attachment that babies can’t resist.

Camera Creatures (via Photoxels)

  • albyrw

    Bought three. Adorable! Thanks for the link.

  • Temp1234

    i like cute kids photos, it can always be found as wallpaper on my mobile or pc thanks for this post

  • Dave Block

    Very clever – and very useful.

  • Sergio

    if only i had one of these about a month ago! I did a shoot with babies and baby clothes for a catalog…

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