Vintage Cameras and Matching Shoes

Rockie Nolan captured these beautiful photographs of vintage cameras placed next to matching shoes. It’s the perfect fashion guide for vintage photo geeks!

(via KEH Blog)

Image credit: Untitled by rockie nolan and used with permission

  • Anonymous

    How is that Canon in the second row a “vintage” camera? ;-) Oh and I have an Agfa like that (first row last picture).

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    And terrible photos. =/ The setup, subject and idea are great, but the glare, shadows and DoF are awful.

  • Scurry4

    i think it more current trends than matching in time…
    i think the photos are nice though, not everyone wants perfect studio quality photos.

  • rockie nolan

    Thanks for posting! I’m the photographer. The intent wasn’t for them all to be vintage, just happens that most of my cameras are. And as for the glare, shadows, etc… it wasn’t a studio shoot and definitely was not meant to be “clean”. ;)

  • Luke Copping

    Rokie, I personally love them so much that this is a definite to share with the audience of my blog on my weekly link roundup.

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