Startup Aims to Revolutionize the Quality of Cell Phone Photos

With the limited lens and sensor sizes of cell phone cameras, the megapixel race isn’t really doing much to improve the quality of the resulting photos. A new startup called Pelican Imaging thinks it can revolutionize the game by increasing quality without focusing on megapixels. Instead, they use an array of 25 micro-cameras to capture each image, processing the data into a single photograph with fancy software. If all goes well, future cell phones will be taking much nicer photos while still staying thin and compact.

Pelican Imaging (via GigaOM)

  • Andrew Denny

    Sigh. Once again they are talking about megapixels and ‘picture quality’. No one ever seems to say anything about immediacy, about the ability to take a picture NOW, about ‘the moment’.

    The problem with most cheap cameras is you still can’t picture the moment. I usually reckon on it taking 20 or 30 seconds MINIMUM from deciding to take take the picture to actually capturing the image.

    With my SLR I reckon on 2-3 seconds, or 5-6 if autofocus is turned on.

  • Anonymous

    All those lenes, reminds me of the camera that takes many different photos of a scene and allows the focal point to be selected afterwards. The article is alluding me, however.

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