Man’s Body Decides to Reject the Camera He Had Implanted in His Head

Remember Wafaa Bilal, that NYU professor that decided to have a camera implanted on the back of his skull? Well, turns out the human body doesn’t like it when random electronic devices are fused with it, so the cost of having the camera on his nogging has been antibiotic and steroid treatments to get the body to ignore the thing. Despite the treatments, his body still decided to reject one of the three posts onto which the camera is screwed, forcing him to have the camera and one of the posts surgically removed. In the meantime he’s strapping the camera to the back of his neck, something he probably should have done since the beginning.

The moral of the story for the rest of us is that cameras belong in hands and in front of the face rather than embedded into heads.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Anonymous

    He saw what I did there.

  • Christian Vermeulen

    “Somehow I told you so doesn’t quite say it…” – I Robot (Will Smith)

  • Daniel

    What an idiot

  • Tillz

    He should have gotten some advice from the dude at Justin.TV

  • PC

    maybe they can make a coffee mug out of it

  • Flickr Man

    Nature wins!

  • mti

    they should remove his brain first!!

  • Dude

    hehe…. nice

  • Jim

    AND – – We have a G____MN Moron like that actually TEACHING in a university? ? ? WTF
    He should be institutionalized and the IDIOT doctors who agreed to do the operation should have criminal charges filed against them – –

  • Facelessraceless

    you cave people. camera in head implants are the future. just need a better way of plugging them in. testing phase 1 complete.

  • Dennis Strickland

    Why don’t he put the camera on the back of a hat.. oh wait, that makes way to much since. Hat $2, medical expense $??,000.

  • brb

    maybe he should have a brain implated in his head instead

  • DarwinianAwardsFan

    Someone notify the Darwinian Awards people…