Lesson on SLR Shutters and How Flash Synchronization Works

Even if you know how to operate your SLR camera and external shoe-mount flashes, you might not have any understanding of the complicated, technical mojo going on that limit and affect your photography. This uber-informative lesson by photographer Paul Duncan brings you up to speed on how things like focal plane shutters and “second curtain sync” work.

(via f stoppers)

  • Atlanta Homes


    Great informative video. I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Awesome video, it took me so long to understand some of these concepts and this would’ve made them much more clear to me. Definitely worth a watch, and then another watch a few months later. ;-)

  • DaveP

    Many thanks. Watched it three times and still learned. Well explained too!
    ‘More’ :-)

  • Paul Woodruff

    Put this in the “very helpful” category! Very informative!

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