Beautiful Chapel in Poland Captured in an HDR Time-Lapse Video

Patryk Kizny created this short HDR time-lapse film titled “The Chapel” that explores the inside of a Protestant chapel located in Zeliszów, Poland built in 1797. The HDR imagery gives the video a eerily beautiful surreal look that makes the video look like it came from a video game.

Regarding how it was shot, Kizny writes,

[…] it was shot in HDR, in stills, with -2/0/+2 exposure bracketing, combined together into 32bpp color space and tonemapped to 16bpp. Then converted to 10bpp ProRes and 8bpp for final rendering. [#]

Want to see more on how it was created? Here’s the making-of video:

(via f stoppers)

  •!/DescendingDown Iamselfmade08

    where is the music from?

  • Mauricio Matos

    Honestly I don’t really appreciate the HDR look of it. It looks some kind of computer rendering.

  • Jonathan

    I agree. It really makes me think of the Prince of Persia videogame. This is not photography anymore.

  • wredniak

    Going this way any photo in any newspaper isn’t pgotography anymore. Every one is photoshoped more or less.

  • JJ

    This is just like the HDR demo in Half Life 2: Lost Coast

  • unsilent majority

    BEAUTIFUL example of urban decay . . as a urbex guy I REALLY appreciate this video!!!

    Thank you for creating it. Yes, I also do not like the HDR, but it is not about HDR . . it is about the beauty in this world that is beuing taken over by shiny steel beams and generic design and concrete :( There is no soul anymore . . . and these places speak to us of solitude silent whispers of days gone forever . . . they are a testament to the greatness of the past v thje destruction of the future and the whole popculture crowd and lolipop coated existence, eroding away the soft and mystical allure of the past. Not on my watch. I hope they preserve these palces, and thier inherent beauty. . . .

  • JasonP

    The answer is at :25, composed by Tomas Leonhardt for the film.

  • Giant_Milkshakes

    HDR is best when you can’t tell its HDR. This was way over done. I rarely see published photographs with such blown shadows.

  • Rob

    Pretty nice.
    A lot of consumers who know nothing about computer graphics are always impressed by animation-only movies like Avatar. They also know nothing about the involved effort and cost related to these movies.
    But this is a perfect example that you can achieve similar effects using real-life objects and scenery, and some creative minds, following the inverse route: user photography to simulate animation (which wows the audience).

  • Rob

    would be nice though when this video generates some funds to restore this chapel in its old glory……… interested anyone?

  • unsilent majority

    regarding its current state, it is best to leave the building ‘as is’ to preserve its beauty, INSTEAD of demolishing it. That is the point ;) Because they will NOT fix it . . .. they all want to destroy these timeless structures.

  • cs

    I loved this – doesn’t look anything like a computer game or movie – but is cleverly processed to show the beauty of the chapel.

  • Brad

    You haven’t seen recent video games then… this looked VERY much like a rendered scene on a decent video card. I’m in awe. These shots are incredibly well coreographed

  • Goth

    Stunning use of HDR technology I have only just started using it on still images. Your imagination and creative talet shine through like the beams of light in the film Very well done!!!!!!

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