$5 Deal on Popular Photo Magazines

There’s a sweet deal on some popular magazines going on over at Discount Magazines. Annual subscriptions to Popular Photography, Digital Photo, American Photo, and Outdoor Photographer are just $5 if you use the coupon code “PHOTO” at checkout. You can subscribe for up to 3 years for all of them except Outdoor Photography, which is limited to one year.

Update: Sorry, but the deal is only available to US residents… (thx @delineated!).

  • Drew Church

    Totally just picked a sub up for Popular Photography. Thanks Michael.

  • Michael Zhang

    glad you found the coupon code useful :)

  • Koke Momo

    Picked a sub up for all four for a year, thought ‘hey why not’. Helluva deal.

  • Kbledsoephoto

    Does it work for people renewing subscriptions? I can’t find a way to put in the coupon code if you already are a buyer of Popular Photography….

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