Kodak Isn’t Doing So Hot These Days

What you see here is the history of Kodak stock starting from 1978. In the mid-1990s the stock peaked at over $90 per share, but has experienced a slow demise since then, and is currently at $3.70 a share. What’s more, the company just announced yesterday that profits fell a staggering 95% in the fourth quarter of 2010. During that quarter the company earned just $22 million, compared to the $443 million it earned during the same period a year earlier.

Acquisition rumors have been swirling around for quite some time now as the stock continues its free fall. Any predictions on what will become of this once-great company?

Kodak profit plunges 95%; sales fall short (via Photo Rumors)

Update: Kodak still sees a “big silver lining” amidst all this bad news.

  • chad

    They really should be a big player in the professional/consumer printer market. It needs some shaking up. Kodak is still a name synonymous with great color.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t they just discontinue Kodachrome the last quarter of 2010? Y U NO SEE CORRELATION?

  • RM

    Apart from their photographic legacy, Kodak is known for their notoriously bad environmental policies. As a photographer I would like to see them do well, but not if it means destruction of the environment. Corporate dollars should never be valued more than this planet we call home.

  • Anonymous

    I’m fairly certain photo schools are the only thing keeping them in business.

  • penny stocks

    The camera’s movie mode isn’t so hot these days, either. And finally, it would be nice for the flagship Kodak camera to support an external.

  • penny stocks

    The last scans I got back were way too hot. So far, I’ve tried the consumer Kodak’s (200 gold, 400 Max), The girl is wearing something very reflective (I can see that it isn’t white, but it’s still relatively light), don’t feature someone who knows what they’re doing handling your film.

  • thercattrainer

    That and maybe photo paper too.