Hold Down the Shutter Release with an Eraser and Hair Tie

Need to hold down the shutter release for extended periods of time, but don’t want to shell out money for a remote shutter release? Flickr user Dennis Calvert found that a pencil eraser and hair tie do the job well, allowing you to do star trail photographs with bulb mode.

Do you use a similar “hack” to keep your shutter release button pressed?

Image credit: DIY Intervalometer by Dennis Calvert

  • Ben Linford

    This is a very neat little trick.

  • Le Big Z

    jup, i do this for years. i usually use a piece of sponge and a little piece of folded paper on top to hold it in place. i experimented with erasers too, but the advantage of the sponge is that it changes the form so it can press the shutter in deeper.

  • Frank Nachtman

    Who keeps an eraser and hair tie in their camera bag? I use a rock (easily found on site) and gaffer’s tape.

  • patdavid

    I’ve been doing this for years as well, though mine is just a stolen eraser nub with a simple rubber band, combined with a delay shutter timer, it works wonders on long exposures!

  • pa dinneen.

    Nice idea but how do I release it without getting some shake? cut the hair band I presume? Or some better way?

  • Dennis

    Cover the lens.

  • Brad Kopping

    you just saved me 150 bucks dude :) thank you !! ^__^

  • Jason Hassler

    This tip makes no sense. You even afford a DSLR, but can’t even afford to buy an aftermarket wired remote shutter that can lock. This is one of the cheapest accessories you can get. They’re less then $10 with shipping on Amazon.

  • Luap

    WTF??? Come on, $10 here, $10 there before you know it you’ve spent $20!

    It’s your kind of mindset that got the States into the quagmire of mortgages going upside down. I can afford it, yep I can afford that too, oh and that, and that and… she yucking fit!

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    If you forget it at home… Or if it breaks… C’mon, be a little more creative.