A Look at Photographic Darkrooms Before They Become History

Here’s a short video by The Guardian looking at the rapid demise of photographic darkrooms and photographer Richard Nicholson’s project of capturing these spaces across London before they become just another chapter in photographic history.

(via Photoxels)

  • Mikeprice4269

    The last few weeks in my A Level Photography course I’ve been focussing on Dark Room stuff as it is soo much more rewarding. I don’t think they’ll be gone in my lifetime… but only just.

  • John Robertson

    It’s kinda sad. I used to do my own 12 x 16 prints in the 80’s and then drive them the 160 mile round trip into the old Guardian building in Farringdon Road. Nowadays I can press a few buttons on my computer and the images arrive in seconds. Photography still excites me-but the old magic of watching a print appear in the developer is gone forever.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this project a while back – he didn’t provide any statement with it so it was hard seeing his stance. So many De Veres, beautiful. And he was talking about how color 4×5 is hard to come by? Or just polaroids? Because there’s tons of color film available still, and there’s still fuji for proofs…