How to Prove Your Loyalty to Canon

Julio César Assis is a hardcore Canon fan. To show his loyalty to the brand and his allegiance to fellow Canonites, he decided to have the logo tattooed on his bicep.

What’s more, he and his friend Luciano Meirelles also have aperture symbols tattooed on their elbows:

Canon needs to at least send Julio a free hat… or something…

Image credit: buio by Anderson Sant’Ana

  • elend


  • Kara

    A lens barrel would have been cooler.

  • NDT

    What a Douche

  • Seriesrover

    Hopefully Canon won’t get bought bought out anytime soon.

  • Rick

    Perhaps it is the lighting or the low quality of the images, but those look like fake tattoos.

  • Phil Lowe

    What an absolute wanker!

  • mark zero (jason)

    Won’t he be mad when they change their logo.

    Seriously, though, a tattoo of any company’s logo is an indicator of blind allegiance more than anything else, except maybe the need to feel like you belong.

  • //d.

    i like tattoos and i like canon, but i dont think i’d ever get a companies brand tattoo’d on my unless i was being paid LOTS of money to do it. :P

  • Antjan

    guess that is a good way to get attention

  • Wilson Davalos

    Wow, I bet that he’s going to get a Lowpro or Manfrotto tattoo next. BTW us big boys use Hasselblads.

  • JohnDerber
  • Age

    Aperture Science. We do what we must, Because we can. — GLaDOS

  • eric

    What a dumbass. Just as bad as getting your girlfriend’s name on a tattoo.

  • Bug

    Love that he expresses his love for canon by shooting pictures of himself with mobile phone.

  • Motoed

    THIS would be a cool camera tattoo… if it were real.

  • chuck

    I’ve kind of been wanting a tatoo of my first dSLR… My favorite camera and one thats changed my life

  • Adunn

    Wait until Canon sues him for trademark infringement.

  • Rui

    This is stupid.

  • Pepta

    It was cool?

  • gcoll

    most idiotic comment! how is he a wanker? he isnt pissing anyone off. grow up!

  • Mars
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  • Erik

    Good thing he used his awesome equipment on a tripod to get the best shot he could.

  • Guest

    he doesn’t need to bother having an aperture symbol tattooed around his neck.

    it’s implied.

  • unsilent majority

    ” . . . . us big boys?”

    We’ll let you know when you’re a big boy. . .

  • Wilson Davalos

    Oh my bad, I didn’t know that I was insulting a bitch. Go back to HDRing something or mastering that tilt shift tutorial that you find so impressive.

  • Anonymous

    As far as I can tell, all it really shows is brand whore-dom. There isn’t any company that is the end-all of its industry.

  • Anon guest

    Brand loyalty to the point of a tattoo is an ultimate statement on materialism and plain, outright, blind stupidity.

  • lkld

    To each their own, but I think this shows the side-effects of using hair coloring.

  • somedude

    The only thing more ridiculous than this was the guy I used to work with who had a Nike swoosh tattoo on one arm and “warrior for christ” on the other.

  • Luringen

    Poor guy. He has not discovered Nikon….

  • Popples

    Ooops, another idiot. Yes, you, the big guy.

  • Wilson Davalos

    Yes the big guy, something that your mom has been used to calling me.

  • A HUGE fan

    Guys, let Mr. Davalos portfolio talk for itself :)

  • Wilson Davalos

    Not being a medical professional, I can’t give advice. However your Passive-Aggressive behavior is a serious sign of a mental disorder. Also, let’s not forget your lack of balls with your smiley face insertion.

  • Peter

    Are you for real, you can´t be because there is a limit on how stupid a person can be and you crossed it!

  • Wilson Davalos

    And to you, I say. Shut the fuck up.

  • unsilent majority

    hahaha . . . touchy, eh . . . I did not expect this rant from you. YOU were the one to refer to yourself as being part of the “big boys,” . . . as if having a hasselblad makes you a “BIG BOY” . . . . super duper photographer. MANY of the top photographers in the world use Canon AND Nikon . . . AND Hasselblads. It just sounded tooo conceited and pretentious, your comment . . . which is why I said, ” we will let you know when you are a ‘big boy’. sorry . . . . btw . . “bitch???” haha . . whatever . . your reply tells me I am more of a man than you will ever be. . . and a better photographer too! I do not do any HDR wacky shit, nor do I use tilt shift lenses, unless I want to make people look like toys or do some architectural photography ( great lens for that purpose ) . . . so, please relax and take care.

  • Wilson Davalos

    Not touchy on my part. However I can roll with the punches, and can shoot right back. Yes, it’s not the camera that makes the photographer. I’ve taken and have seen amazing photos with a camera phone. However the top guys don’t use Canon nor Nikon’s, only when shooting on location. Unless they are sponsored by a manufacturer or don’t do high fashion. Someone like Chase Jarvis comes to mind.

    As a working editorial photographer, I have an inside access to some of the best studios and equipment. Hasselblad cameras are the standard, in many cases, film. I like shooting digital, so Phase One backs are the most reliable.

    Anyone who blindly gives into a brand and tattoos themselves with a logo is an idiot. And the “Big Boy” comment is completely valid. You go with what is the reliable and produces the best quality and you can’t deny that with Hasselblad.

    As for you being a better photographer than me, it’s all a matter of opinion. However I know that may name appears on the mastheads of some world class publications. I’ll just use that as my litmus test.

  • unsilent majority

    well, the big boy comment was not valid . . . and I do not care for peopel who think themselves bigger and a pro just becasue they happen to take photos that any other person can take . . you simply found yourself a good position and good to have such doors iopen. For that, I am happy for you, and well deserved.

    JUST don’t bring yourself up to such high status becasue you have used a hasselblad in some studio that isn’t even yours. I have seen your images, and not even the best photographers in the world speak of themselves as you do.

    I also think you are VERY mistaken in saying that Canon and Nikon cameras are used mainly out in the field and not so much in studio . . . You can’t use a hasselblad for sports photography, but MOST pros use Canons due to the 10fps of a EOS 1D, etc. AND those same photographers use such PRO cameras in studio too. A hasselblad is WAY overpriced, when you compare image quality and options of a 1Ds or D3x, etc. . . Look at what MOST pros are using to output their work and you will find Canon or Nikon MOST of the time. Pros that use Hasselblads do so because they have the resolution that Canon and Nikon don;t have . . .and need that res for billboards etc ( and they also have good HDR over Canons and Niokons . . but nothing to get excited about. The only other thing is the buildl, and they take more time to make a Hasselblad than they do a Canon, but with such low demands for Hasselblads due to costs, they can’t really argue more than that.

    As for the Tat, I don’t really give a damn. It’s an ugly tattoo, anyway.

    AS opinions go, even if you do appear on “world class publications” (whatever they may be), the images seldom favor such a title, now do they!? . . . at least when you are talking art of photography. . . .

    Either way, I wish you much success. Just don’t make yourself bigger than you are, dude. . . with lame arse comments ;)

  • Wilson Davalos

    You are taking my comments as elitist, which is not what I intend. I have two friends who shoot pro-sports, here in the states. They actually shoot Nikons, and as of last year Nikon is taking over sport photography, at least here. You’ll notice all the black telephoto lens, when just about 2 years ago all you saw where tan lens.

    I myself own some Nikons, I mostly use them as backups and when I need to be flexible. Nikon has a great collection of prime lens.

  • unsilent majority

    Well, you let yourself be percieved as elitist by those who do not know you, except by what you say . . or the manner in which you say it.

    Either way, no problems. btw, Canon lenses are far and away the most used lenses out in the field ( especially when you have sporting events, due to the 1D cameras. My point is really that the D3Xs and the 1Ds have thier own advantage for different types of work like events/sports v studio. It’s all really meaningless in the end, no!? especailyl since they are spending 6-8 thou on a camera. The photographer is key. . . and his/her knowledge of light and how to use it . . everything else is just details, except when fps is important.

    later. . .

  • Kill Star

    He has that “I’m such an Idiot!!” look on his face!…hahaha!!

  • Keaton Andrew

    You, sir, are a piece of shit. You can stop trolling now. I’m going to assume you’re not even who you claim to be, since your website is an effing tumblr page.

    Your work is far too terrible for you to even be worthy of attempting to troll in such a way. Come back when your editing skills approach 10% of what your mouth is capable of spewing.

    I’m also posting this from my name. I hate confrontation and normally disagree with anyone doing things such as this, but every now and then people like you need put in their place.

  • Wilson Davalos

    Keaton this is the best post so far, loved the “Troll” comment, that’s a first for me. However I just have to say “Go fuck yourself” btw thanks for posting from your real account.

  • Keaton Andrew

    You have been the very definition of an internet troll in the comments in this post. If you lack the knowledge of what that is and the capability of using Google to find out, I will gladly provide a link for you.

    Go back to your faux HDR photos. You do realize that you can’t tell someone to “go back to HDRing something” when your photos have the same look to them? Just because you use fill light in lightroom or shadow/highlight tool in photoshop doesn’t make the image any better than those using photomatix.


  • Kyle

    After doing a minimal amount of research it’s pretty clear to see what the truth actually is. It’s actually kind of sad Wilson. Here’s what we can deduce from your online content:

    The only camera you own is a Nikon D40 with which you take mostly snapshots and every one of them is terribly over processed. Ironically you use a lot of clarity adjustments or high pass which is just a local contrast adjustment and you can see halos in most of your photos. Do you know what kind of photography always has halos? HDR, which you talked down on.

    You had a six month internship in New York starting in the fall of 2009 for a magazine called Complex. Complex has a circulation of less than 350,000. Compare this to, say Vogue or Vanity Fair and you’ll see that it’s far from a “world class publication”. During your internship I’m sure you had the “opportunity to work with some amazing studio equipment” (your words) and well… that’s where the truth ends. I’m sure you have never owned a Hasselblad or a Phase One back unless we’re talking old school 500 c/m or something which isn’t really all that expensive although I even doubt that from seeing your work.

    Here’s where it gets even more sad. After your internship with Complex you started a website called Enterase which you promote as a “Buyers Guide for Men”. It’s not really a bad idea but it came directly from Complex. There are two covers on every issue of Complex, one with a guy and one with a girl. The half of the magazine that follows the female celebrity cover is dubbed “The Original Buyer’s Guide for Men”. For some reason I don’t see that as a coincidence. You couldn’t come up with your own original idea so you ripped of theirs.

    Just remember, it’s really easy to find out a lot of a person’s history online these days, so next time you try to lie and say you’re some big shot photographer who’s shooting with $50k cameras you might want to think twice. Try and embrace the little that you do have going for you and stop trolling.

  • Wilson Davalos

    Kyle thanks for the retrospect. You’ve missed some stuff, but since your sleuthing abilities are so great I’ll leave them for our next comment.

  • Wilson Davalos

    You are getting too emotionally involved with the original comment that was misunderstood. If you read the other comments you will see that. No need in providing links, good luck with your work. Your polaroid work kicks ass, what kind of scanner are you using?

  • Keaton Andrew

    My replies were to all of your comments, really. Each one was painting a picture of who you are as a person, and I’m not certain why you want all of this to be associated with your name. The internet can be forever, Wilson. Google is God. I am willing to have my name on these replies, but only after carefully weighing the situation.

    The opinion you hold of yourself seems based on your name appearing in tiny text on a page in a magazine. You’re lucky if even 0.01% of people read your name there in the first place. Trust me, it doesn’t matter. The work and your attitude is what matters.

    Let me repeat that… the work and attitude is what matters. You came across as extremely cocky in your comments. Extremely. To be opinionated is one thing, it’s another to blindly do so with no regards to how it is viewed by others. I’m saying this in an attempt to help you. This photography thing is a job, a career. Doing something like getting in a magazine shouldn’t be a boastful event, it should be a day to day type of thing. Sure, get stoked to get that check in the mail and see your work in print. It’s a journey. But don’t act like that makes you a better human being than someone else, because it sure as hell doesn’t.

    Also, if you haven’t specifically shot for someone or were an assistant to someone shooting for someone… don’t say or make it appear that you’ve shot for that client. I’ve photographed many musicians on various record labels where the photos aren’t for the label… I don’t claim the label as a client, even thought the band I shot is ON that label. Only if I get that check from the label. Make sense?

    And as to your arbitrary question about the scanner I use (and thank you for the compliment on my polaroid work), it’s the epson v600. It’s uncalibrated and has a heavy shift towards magenta which I have to correct after scanning.