Hunting for Sun Dogs in the Sky

If you love both traveling and photography, a fun photo project might be to shoot through a checklist of atmospheric phenomena. You probably know about auroral lights, but have you heard of parhelia, aka sun dogs? These are bright spots of light in the sky, often seen on a bright halo around the sun when it’s low in the sky.

To see a list of other atmospheric phenomena you can add to your photography bucket list, check out the Wikipedia page on the subject.

Update: There’s a related phenomenon called the “moon dog“. Thanks @HerraincoBrand!

Image credits: Photographs by Lt. Cindy McFee, Axda0002, Erica Hager, Joe Unterbrunner, and whoelse_north

  • Paul Van

    If you want to add a book about sky phenomena, I would suggest getting ‘Out of the Blue’ by John Naylor. It’s more about skywatching than photography – but it shows examples of things you can see in the sky, plus explanations of how they are formed.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I wonder if it not just that certain lens causing such a lens flare?

  • Julian

    …. and what’s with lunar /moon dogs ? ;-)

  • Anonymous

    very good shots. Thanks for sharing.
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