Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Concept Camera

You’ve probably heard of EVIL cameras already, but how about WVIL? The Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens is a concept camera design by Seattle-based design firm Artefactgroup. What’s novel about the design is that the imaging sensor is situated in the back of the lens rather than in the camera body, allowing the lens to be detached and used apart from the body wirelessly.

To see what this means, check out this pretty well-made video showing the camera “in action” at CES 2011:

What do you think of this idea?

WVIL (via Photo Rumors)

  • Havard Fandrem

    That is pretty cool.

  • Havard Fandrem

    And fake.

  • Alessandro Casagli

    Fake as hell.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    saw bad motion tracking when they went to the phone mode

  • ad

    around 1:58 when he says “no photos please” he holding a bit of plastic with a hole in

  • cmiper

    It’s a frame that the phone snaps into, and the lens attaches to the frame. He pops his phone out of the frame to answer the phone.

  • Brooks Ayola
  • Brooks Ayola

    @cmiper… Ah.. you may have a point. It was very weird that ha says “no photos please” after all of that though.

  • cmiper

    Yeah, it caught me for a second too, though after looking again, you can see he answers the phone with no “camera” body on it.

    There’s still something wrong with the video. The phone appears to be a Dell Android based phone, though I can think of no phone that has a screen that goes as far to the edges as what was shown. Also, as mentioned above, there’s something wrong with the motion tracking of the screen when he receives the call.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s because the “camera” is just his smart phone! It slips into that plastic lens holder case that you saw and then the lens can attach to that. Hilarious!

    I couldn’t tell what phone OS he was running though… was it Android?

  • cmiper

    It looked like Android, though I’m not sure what version/flavor.

  • cmiper

    I take that back, it’s not a Dell phone, that circle (which is right in the same spot as the Dell logo on the Streak and such) is actually a lens?

    See here…

    I still think the video was a setup, there’s something not right about it.

  • Dylan Reeve

    I thought it was a motion tracking thing when I saw it too, but the reflections are consistent. After watching it a few more times I think it’s the movement as he starts to snap the phone out of it’s “frame”. The screen moves relative to the frame, but is still actually consistent with the phone device.

    That said, the whole thing still seems pretty implausible. For a start there doesn’t seem like enough flange depth between the “sensor” and the lens, let alone enough room for the electronics and a power source for it.

    The website ( has more pictures, but they’re all renders. Hard to know if it’s for real – the site calls it a “concept camera”

  • lloyd

    arty crap that’s a BAD idea. oh yeah add another £600 per lens to the code for some ‘fullframe’ sensor in each one

  • Baba Ganoosh

    SO funny how all those “followers” re-tweet this thinking they are so COOL! Come on Zhang lets not make this a photorumors site and keep it professional as it always has been!

  • Mikeprice4269

    I think this was worth sharing as it is a brilliant concept, but a concept none the less. Obviously already established this is fake, however imagine if it was real. I don’t suspect we’ll see this for a while on the market though (if it ever gets made) and if it does it’ll be a bit bulkier first time around.

  • Anonymous

    Of course its staged, good marketing idea. One clue of who is behind appears when you read the badges:
    –Ferno –Engelen : ARTEFACT and Tucker Spofford: Samsung Electronics America.
    The funny thing is the name that appears when the telephone rings: Mom. You can even ring the number.

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  • zelen’

    how mush?

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  • Halen-Umanets

    Цікаво скільки він коштує??
    І чи існує він взагалі ??
    Хочу-хочу собі такий..)