Man Has 1,580 Kodachrome Rolls Developed as Processing Ends

Kodachrome film officially died at the end of last year when the last developer — Dwayne’s Photo Service — stopped accepting the film. Before that final nail in the coffin was pounded in, 53-year-old Jim DeNike drove from Arkansas to Dwayne’s in Kansas to have 1,580 rolls developed. The total cost for the 50,000 slides? $15,798. All of the photographs were of trains.

For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas (via PCMag)

Image credit: Kodachrome by John!!!

  • Marc

    Talk about procrastination, why would you wait until the last possible week to get that many rolls developed? And does anyone really need 50k+ photos of trains?

  • Eric Spiegel

    He’s going to have one hell of a stock of train photos to sell to magazines/trade publications/textbook publishers/etc. I’d be interested to see his work.

  • Tim

    The word “saddo” comes to mind!

  • Paweł Filip

    This is what I call passion for photography. It’s not about having or not having photos. It’s about making them.

  • John

    Yes they do need 50,000 slides of trains. At one point I had about 20k in my collection since whittled down to about 10k.

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  • Travisimo

    This is kind of important in the argument of the cost of digital over analog photography.

    50,000 shots on a digital camera wouldn’t cost any more than 5.

  • Loler

    The word “nutter” come to mind…

  • n1ck0las

    It’s not really an argument if Person A prefers film and Person B prefers digital.