Beautiful Hand-Tossed Water Sculptures in Super Slow Motion

Forget throwing water balloons at people’s faces — if you ever get your hands on a super expensive slow-motion camera, tossing around water is awesome enough. Shinchi Maruyama is an artist that photographs hand-tossed liquid sculptures using a Phase One P45 camera and a Broncolor Strobe. He also used a high-speed camera to capture video of sculptures being “made”. The results are beautiful.

Shinchi Maruyama (via A Photo Editor)

  • MrRocking

    Didn’t Andres Serrano toss off some similarly styled pics in the 90’s?

  • Brady Angus Williams

    Only thing is P45 is a digital back not really a camera technically.

  • Dan Stone

    Bronocolor scoro flash durations doing the job nicely!

  • Joey Duncan

    very cool