Handmade Bamboo Frames to Show Off Your iPhoneography

iPhoneography (i.e. iPhone photography) is exploding in popularity, and undoubtedly many people jumping into the craze will want to share their work in a non-digital way in addition to broadcasting their photos on the Interwebs. The Boo Box by hatchcraft is a handmade bamboo frame designed specifically for iPhone photographs. It’s available in three different colors (light, mixed, and dark) and costs $20 from the hatchcraft store.

By the way, hatchcraft was started by Shane Rich, the guy who created the “Million Dollar Homepage of Photography” that we featured at the beginning of the year.

  • me

    So, basically, if you try to put a photo ( with the same size of those ) but made with another phone brand or camera it will spit it out?. All this brand craziness it’s getting a bit out of control, isn’t it?.

  • Matthew

    Close. Maybe there is a printed photograph approval process, kind of like Apple’s app store? Non-iPhone photos get eliminated during the photo approval stage so they can never be displayed in an iPhone approved picture frame.

    It sounds like you need the Jailbroken version of this picture frame, which works with both iPhone and other cameras printed photos.

  • boz

    don’t hate the player, hate the game…